Flinders Chase in glorious colour

The recent opening of the first stage of the multi-day hike in Flinders Chase was an excuse to visit the vast park covering the western end of Kangaroo Island. And what better time to go than October when the flowers take charge.

Blue squill, Chamaescilla corymbosa. Photo Scott Hartshorne
Blue squill, Chamaescilla corymbosa. Photo Scott Hartshorne

We took the short option of the Platypus Holes Walk because of the drizzling rain, and it’s a circuit, not out and back. What a good choice.

Rarely do you see the array of colour, form, size and shape that is on display right now.

Pea flowers are especially fabulous – Running Postman, the Pultenea and Daviesia shrubs (and other genera I’m sure) with colours from yellow to red swerving through an almost orange. The wattles are just starting to fade but there’s pink Boronia, mauve Tetratheca, pink orchids, blue Comesperma, and on and on.

Towards the end of the hour-long walk we were still finding new species that we hadn’t seen before. Just gorgeous.

The Platypus Holes Walk is delightful. It’s so beautifully laid out and signed, you can be barely disappointed in not seeing a platypus. Think The Snow Leopard.

And it’s always an adventure to visit one of the few large blocks of Australian bush remaining, Flinders Chase National Park.

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