Rain’s coming

It’s about to rain. It’s about to rain a lot.

Already in the outback it’s been bucketing down and the cell is moving south.

Rain9jan2015blogFor every mainland state, severe weather warnings and flood watches are posted on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

And it’s suddenly cold, not yet 17 degrees C, when it was 40C two days ago.

Crazy weather. The average rainfall for Penneshaw, where I live, from 1911 to 1999 was 503.3 mm. Since I have been keeping records (6 years only) the annual rainfall has varied from 477.5 mm in 2009 to 671.5 mm in 2013. Last year we scored 489 mm, 57% of it in May to July. Yes, they are the usual wet months but so is spring, and October and November brought a grand total of 13.5 mm to my gauge.

December was about average but could not make up for 4 dry months. All it gave us was ‘green drought’ – a weather term describing a period of enough rain to keep shallow-rooted plants alive, although the watertable continues to recede (gardenweb.com). Things look OK on the green top but below it’s a dry argument.

rainfallchart2014Of the 671.5 mm in 2013, 68% fell in May to August, and 74 mm on one day in June.

The more episodic nature of our weather is a scary trend. Dry soil can’t take up enough of a torrent of water to do any lasting good. Here, the earth that has dried out over the past 5 months is about to be subjected to a torrent that will deliver acres of soil into the ocean to the detriment of both land and sea.





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