More Southern Ocean walking

The weekend walk along the Southern Ocean shore was a highlight, a bold statement when every part of Kangaroo Island is a joy to walk with KI Walking Club or with friends and visitors.

Landscapes and rock types changed around every bend of the walk. That’s a feature of Kangaroo Island, that the view changes, from the beach and ironstone shore at Penneshaw to the sheltered, limestone surrounds of Pelican Lagoon, to the cliffs of the western north shore and the striking formations on and off the south-western coast.

But even for KI, the variation was striking along the 10-km walk. After leaving the low coastal vegetation on the sand and limestone at Pennington Bay, we passed through farming land with remnant grass trees and re-emerged near the tip of the headland west of that bay.

Walking towards out lunch spot
Walking towards our lunch spot

Then it was through very low coastal vegetation on rocky limestone toward more cleared paddocks and lunch with a view.

Until then it had been warm and muggy (but nothing like the almost 40 C in Adelaide). While we rested and ate, the ocean stirred up, the breeze freshened and a few drops of rain blessed our hot heads.

2015-02-15 14.40.28
Black rocks sculpted by water and time

We descended to walk among ironstone sculpted by time and water into infinite shapes and kept an eye out for the rogue wave. Above, a smooth sandy coloured rock overhung the sharp black rocks.

After quite a bit of rock hopping (well, fairly ungainly and slow clambering) through the long stretch of rock, we hit the beach of Flour Cask Bay. But the going did not become entirely easy. It was difficult to find hard sand and I must admit my Achilles felt the strain for the next 2 days.

The Walking Club is a treasure of Kangaroo Island; locals getting out to experience the best their island home has to offer. Last Sunday that was almost 30 of us, including a few visitors.

And to top off the day, we bring out the munchies, accompanied by a beer or wine, for some recovery before we all head home.





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