Local history in song

The focus of Kangaroo Island arts is shifting to the melodic in early June when music of local composer Les Montanjees brings early island history to life in Jane’s Footprints.

Sue Carson
Sue Carson

Newcastle soprano Sue Carson sings the part of Jane Hannah Lashmar, and plays fiddle and mandolin. She is backed by Kangaroo Island’s The Coathangers and guitarist Michael Stove.

Jane’s Footprints is inspired by the story of Jane Lashmar who died suddenly in her sleep aged a mere 18 years. Jane was acting mother to five younger children. Her mother had died of tuberculosis almost exactly a year before and her father had been dead for five years.

Tickets for the event, at Chapman River Cellar Door near to where Jane is buried, are limited to 80. Those lucky 80 will be treated to a performance to remember followed by dinner in the style of Jane’s time. The performance begins at 5.30pm on 6 June 2015.

For tickets, at $129 each, contact Tourism Kangaroo Island at tourki@kin.net.au or phone 08 8553 1185 in Australia.

And if you can’t make it to Antechamber Bay for the performance, and even if you can, please support our local Kangaroo Island musicians by pledging on Pozible and getting a lasting recording of the performance (and other goodies). The Pozible site has a sample of Sue singing one of Les’s songs.


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