Moved to tears

How lucky we were, those of us who had the magical experience of Jane’s Footprints on that evening in early June.

Sue Carson, as Jane Lashmar, along with Les Montanjees, Scott McDonald, Doug Gray and Michael Stove held the audience entranced for 70 minutes as they told us about Jane’s short life and death on Kangaroo Island, in song, poetry and story.

And they were greeted with a standing ovation from the audience. Lashmar family members were wiping tears from their eyes (and so were a few others, myself included).

2015-06-06 18.59.55
Sue Carson sings Jane Lashmar with the backing of (l-r) Doug Gray, Scott McDonald, Michael Stove (hidden) and Les Montanjees

It was Kangaroo Island at its best and the best performance I’ve seen on the island, by far.

Yes, it was a project that Les and I have worked on for 18 months so clearly I am biased. But, every single audience member was thrilled at what they had witnessed. Bloody wonderful.

And then we had a beautiful tasty settler supper prepared by the wonderful Chapman River Cellar Door people, Helen and Penny in the kitchen and hosts Bruce and Diana Keir.

We are polishing up the recording and releasing it in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in buying a copy, please let me know in the comments box.


One thought on “Moved to tears

  1. Really sad we missed what was obviously a very special performance! Michael & David.

    Michael Speers

    Thorn Park

    Quarry Road

    Clare SA 5453

    P +61 (0) 8 8843 4304

    M +61 (0) 419 334 021



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