Picture this

At Dudley Writers’ Group monthly meetings we have a topic to prompt an outpouring of creativity. In late 2014 one topic was ‘Picture this’. This was my effort. It was first published in the Christmas 2014 edition of The Islander.

I go into Woolworths in Rundle Mall to buy a small can of tuna (pole and line of course – though I’m ashamed to have succumbed to the proximity and easy access of the behemoth).

I go to the checkout where a young man, who could have been, but for the saving grace of genetics, my grandson, cheerily asked:

‘So, have you got plans for the weekend or are you just relaxing?’

Picture my 64-year old face: gobsmacked.

Once I’d paid and got my change and receipt, his next set of imaginative and original words were no surprise: ‘Have a nice day.’

Picture my mood as I left the premises. No amount of convenience will get me back in there.

What words can describe the idiocy, the rudeness, the inanity, the blind gall. Who is allowing – worse, telling – these kids to intrude into customers lives?

I picture a world where service is competent and friendly – not trying to ‘be your friend’. I want to get my purchase or service without hassle and get out the door.

But the picture is this: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else encourage everyone to tell everybody else everything. And encourage everyone to expect to be told everything.

Mostly drivel of course. And mostly none of anyone else’s business.

But worst of all they spawn an even greater interest in cats, which are fed on far too much of the world’s tuna.




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