Art Museum of Kangaroo Island

AMKI_logoThat sound’s good doesn’t it?

Art Museum of Kangaroo Island – an inspiring building housing the art of Kangaroo Island, displaying travelling and temporary exhibitions, and hosting visiting artists.

A group of brave Kangaroo Island women – Deb, Janine, Kathie, Ria and Sarah – have set out to build this place. I count myself (Kathie) among the brave, that’s when I’m not feeling terrified of the task we have set ourselves.

We are not thinking small. We want a regional gallery worthy of the artists of Kangaroo Island today and yesterday, and of the landscape and beauty of Kangaroo Island.

Our first task is to set up a funding base so that we can operate and look for the kind of big bucks that we will need to plan and build the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island.

Our crowdfunding campaign has 11 days to run. We are almost at our stretch target of $20,000. But whether we reach it or exceed it all funds raised will be put to building a case and an organisation that can make the Art Museum Kangaroo Island deserves.  Please help with even a small amount.

See our local member Rebekha Sharkie speak for us in the Australian Parliament.


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